MATAKUPAAT X KAMARA Iconic Australian made luxury swimwear. MIM one-piece in exclusive limited edition print design from the Kamara x Matakupaat Arts collaboration with Artist Artist, Kenita- Lee McCartney, who is an Aboriginal woman from the South Coast of Australia. “Mim was created to express my connection to my ancestors through design. These symbols are my representation, to symbolize in my art my ancestors strength and guidance they show me. They symbolize resilience, strength, love, connection, spirituality, watching over us, giving us strength and guidance.” - Kenita-Lee McCartney Design features our lengthened signature contrasting cuffs. High neck and long sleeve panelled design delivers body shaping fit and increased sun protection. Stress-free UPF 50+ provides the highest protection rating from UV radiations, Sunburn, Skin Damage, Skin Cancer and Premature Ageing.