Self Love II

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My paintings are symbols of my experience's created into a visual representation.

This leaves is a symbol of the guidance through my journey, it depicts the my journey of deep care and being held in a space of love. The cross hatch symbols depicts the guidance from the ancestors and those that walk on this journey beside us, showing us, teaching us.

The circle is a represntation of the ongoing immer work, to listen to our spirit, 'nyernila' to sit and listen continuesly.


To be our true selves authentically and being able to flourish' the circle and leaves show the journey of flourishing in every aspect of life on our journey.


This painting lets the story of my own personal journey in unlocking my true self, my purpose, learning true self love, showing love and care, a different way of being through a visual represntation.



Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Framed oak wood box frame 


25cm x 45 cm

Why choose us?

Purpose driven campaigns

We are driven by purpose, we belive in self- determination of all Aboriginal and Torress Strait Islander people.


I LOVE this artwork, it looks amazing, the print quality is fantastic and the colours are nice and bright and true to what I could see online. Came quickly and well packed.

Rebecca M

We're so happy with this artwork for my daughter's room. It's beautiful ❤️ Ordering online was easy and we received it well packaged and fast.

Bianca V

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