Matakupaat Arts has been facilitating workshops over the past 3 years. These groups have included those as young as toddlers to Elders within Community.
We are working with leading Aboriginal organisations to deliver online wellbeing workshops to their staff and clients.
Matakupaat Arts has also previously deliver online workshops to non-Aboriginal organisations who work with and deliver programs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
With the difficult times of COVID19 that we are all currently facing, the way we deliver our services and workshops has changed. Providing most of our workshops through an online system.
Workshops Include:
  • Baskets
  • Earings Necklaces
  • Jewellery Making Workshops
  • Emu bees wax earings 
  • Quondong earings
  • Emu feather earrings


  • Workshop supplies are covered in costs and mailed out within 2 weeks
    Workshop supplies include:
    Paint, Canvas, Brush Dillybag Workshop Twine String Workshop supplies include: Board, Twine/String, Emu feathers.
    Workshops can be modified for each organisation or group.
    Customer testimonials will come on my website shortly.
    Please contact us using the form provided below: 




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